Hey @veshecco I love you so much for requesting this list because I needed some inspiration. I may have a few unorthodox choices on here.
  1. Tender - Blur
    A reminder to not lose hope in love, even when you want to believe that it's dead and gone.
  2. I Just Do - Dear and the Headlights
    The honeymoon phase set to music. This is the happiest love anthem I can think of. It makes me want to fall in love more than any other sappy love song in history.
  3. Reunion - M83
    My body is like a lightning rod / Capsize me and douse me in your bay / A shiver of want, always / When you are on the tip of my tongue / In the back of your parked car / I could build a fort / And play all day / Between your lips and mine / Let's stay here forever
  4. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
    It may not be a popular opinion, but I think this song is infinitely more romantic than "Don't Worry Baby" (although I do love that one, as well).
  5. Let It Be Me - Ray LaMontagne
    Clearly, Ray knows how to pen the perfect love song.
  6. Moments Rewound - Vedera
    Cause when you're not breathing / I beg for one more breath with you / When you're silent / I hang on to every word / And there are no regrets with this love
  7. Trading Air - Athlete
    I get the chills every time he sings "All I want is you," because you can practically hear the aching in his voice.
  8. As Long As It Matters - Gin Blossoms
    Beautiful in its simplicity.
  9. Echo - Incubus
  10. I Hadn't Anyone Till You - Billie Holiday
    The Ella Fitzgerald version is just as good. Either way, it tugs at my heart strings. It's also one of my favorite songs to sing.
  11. For Me This Is Heaven - Jimmy Eat World
    Can you still feel the butterflies? / Can you still hear the last goodnight?