Nicknames for Actresses in Old Hollywood, c/o the Publicity Department

There were tons of these but I think you'll understand why I had to stop.
  1. Clara Bow: "The It Girl"
    To this day, no one can explain what "it" is
  2. Lana Turner: "The Sweater Girl"
    Because of the conical bra she wore under tight-fitting sweaters sometimes. Also, boobs
  3. Dorothy Lamour: "The Sarong Girl"
    Aka she's "exotic" 😒
  4. Lauren Bacall: "The Look"
    Seductive RBF
  5. Anita Colby: "The Face"
    She had one, apparently
  6. Marie MacDonald: "The Body"
    Had one of those too
  7. Ann Sheridan: "The Oomph Girl"
    Is this gross or stupid? At this point, I'm going with both...
  8. Carole Landis: "The Ping Girl" & "The Chest"
    Topple the motherfucking patriarchy in my honor. Love, Carole