Reasons to Love Robert Altman's "The Player" (1992)

  1. The opening sequence is just one long, seamless tracking shot
    You can hear Fred Ward's character talking about his appreciation for the 6.5 minute opening shot of "Touch of Evil" as Altman takes us through his own 8 minute opening. I read somewhere that the dialogue was completely improvised.
  2. This painting at the studio that looks like 'Mr. DeMille' directing Norma in "Sunset Blvd."
  3. Jeremy Piven pre-Ari Gold giving a tour to some visitors on the lot
  4. "So it's kind of a psychic, political, thriller comedy with a heart." "With a heart, not unlike Ghost meets Manchurian Candidate."
    Not going to lie, I wish this movie was real.
  5. They run into Anjelica Huston having lunch with John Cusack
  6. When Griffin finds a postcard of Bogie stuck to his windshield
  7. All of the nods to old Hollywood
  8. Jeff Goldblum's grandpa sweater
  9. Vincent D'Onofrio as the stereotypical bitter screenwriter, David Kahane, who goes to see a screening of Bicycle Thieves at the Rialto alone
    We've all met a David Kahane once or twice.
  10. Griffin suggests doing a remake of The Bicycle Thief/Bicycle Thieves
    This film was made in 1992 but I feel like this could still happen
  11. (Seriously though, why is David carrying a briefcase to go see a movie?)
  12. Griffin spies on a perpetually bra-less artist through the window of her house, and has an entire phone conversation with her, as if she would do that with any stranger who called
  13. The big tuft of hair that sits atop Lyle Lovett's head should get its own acting credit
  14. Standard Hitch cameo
  15. Burt Reynolds just chillin in Malibu with a super high-tech phone
  16. "It's funny, I just saw Malcolm MacDowell in the lobby." "Roddy McDowell was related to a cousin of my brother in law." "Well...I'm not related to either one of them."
  17. Griffin's ultra-modern fax machine setup in his Range
  18. Lily Tomlin's fake film role (another one I wish was real)
  19. Cher wears a red dress to a black and white gala
    Has a "Jezebel" moment
  20. Whoopi as the suspicious detective who finds the wrong size tampons on her desk
  21. ...and swings a tampon around by its string while questioning Griffin
  22. When Bruce Willis & Julia Roberts star in the gas chamber film at the end