Forgive the scattered nature of this. I'm having a hard time expressing myself coherently as opposed to just vomiting up anger and emotion.
  1. My anger is not subsiding.
  2. If I have to read more person's post (not so much on, but on other outlets) with the most basic self-care tactics, I'm going to explode. Drink 8 cups of water and be sure to exercise? Be kind to your family? That's your sage advice? My eyes are rolling so far back into my head just writing about this bullshit.
  3. It is reductive and simplistic and, at this moment in time, it's straight up inappropriate. People are pissed off and upset. Give them some space for that. Don't dumb it down to basics to such a degree that you're erasing someone else's incredibly valid feelings about this outcome.
  4. And we have good reason to be afraid. Frankly, if you're not afraid, you are privileged. You have the luxury of complacency and indifference. The rest of us don't have that.
  5. This is not like any other election. We passed the Dem vs. Rep point months ago. This is us collectively rejecting regression and oppression. We do not want any part of this bigotry and hate. We made so much progress. How can you ask marginalized people to step back into the shadows now?
  6. That man, that sorry excuse for a human being, is not my president. I'm ashamed of what our country has become. (Also, this is exactly why we here in California want to get the hell out. At this point, can you blame us?)
  7. I want you all to know that I am here for you. Let me be a safe haven. Please do me the honor of raging, screaming, crying, etc. in my general direction. I will not invalidate your feelings. I won't placate you. I'll just listen. My DMs are open and I'm more than happy to talk elsewhere, too.
  8. Feel your feelings. You're allowed. ❤️