1. For holding up the voices of those that have been marginalized everywhere, but mostly, in media
  2. For changing the face of late night television forever
  3. For your work as an ally for women's rights
  4. For your poignant, brilliantly-crafted critiques on the sociopolitical issues plaguing America today
  5. For Mike Yard & Grace Parra
  6. For never, ever letting anyone forget about Bill Cosby and his horrific crimes
    No one has forgotten about you, motherfucker.
  7. For the most diverse, hilarious cast of commentators on late-night
  8. For this perfect quote from Wednesday night 👏🏻
    "Look, there’s a reason Cosby, Ailes and other serial harassers have so many victims. Because for years, we let them get away with it. Because when we tell victims that their assaults didn’t happen, we also tell assailants that they don’t need permission. And when we protect powerful men, we make women invisible.”
  9. For leaving on a high note