1. Season 3 of Transparent (Amazon)
    The first episode was the perfect opener. It sets the tone for the rest of the season. They have certainly taken the most important critiques to heart (there are more trans actors in it & a LOT of humbling moments where Maura faces her own privilege), which is nice to see. It was moving, beautiful, and funny in all the right places. Way better than S2.
  2. Audrie & Daisy (Netflix)
    Prepare to have your heart torn out and sewn back into your body. I don't want to tell their stories for them, so I'll leave you with this poignant quote from Daisy: "Your image of yourself completely changes, and you kind of become a shell of yourself. You almost see that, you know, doing away with yourself is the only way to fix things, which isn't the truth at all, but it's all you can truly see when you're sitting in a dark corner and you're not looking around at the light." Watch this now.
  3. Concertarchives.org
    If you are/were an avid concertgoer, you need this in your life. It will find past show info through Songkick (I found the exact date/venue for a show back in 1995 that I couldn't recall), find setlists using Setlist.fm, track how many venues you have been to, who you've seen most, and more. Best part? When you're done, you have the option of exporting the whole list into an excel doc to save to your computer. It's a MIRACLE that only a music-lover could create. Thank you, Justin Thiele.
  4. Trainwreck by Sady Doyle
    Ok I just started this book, and it's funny as hell. Doyle looks at the pattern in our society of placing certain women on pedestals, only to tear them down. Her points are so well executed and it's kind of relieving to see someone finally talking about this phenomena.
  5. Beet & goat cheese salad
    I could eat this for every meal if it were acceptable. Is it? Can I? I'm already doing it.
  6. My therapist's jeans/dating analogy: "If you're going shopping for jeans, I don't want you to just take home any pair, you know? Because you could have camel toe! Or they could be too short! I'd rather see you shop around until you find the pair that fits right."
    - Dr. Chris Donaghue
  7. My on AND off li.st friends
    I'm looking at you @eliolsberg & @karlalucia ❤️❤️❤️❤️