Thanks for this LR, lovely @karlalucia ❤️
  1. Name:
    Taylor Morley
  2. Goes By:
    Preferably Taylor but close friends call me Tay, some family calls me Tay-Tay, and no one I like calls me T. Seriously I hate being called T, don't do it.
  3. Birth/Height/Weight:
    June 23, 1988 / 5'5'' / 126
  4. Loves:
    Libraries, film noir, a man in a nice tailored suit, dark chocolate, the beach, hot showers, concerts, swimming, singing, good wine, writing, candles, new experiences, Jeff Buckley on vinyl, history, road trips, dark bars, new car smell, summertime.
  5. Hates:
    Fairweather friends, slut shaming, diet sodas, MRAs and PUAs, people who refuse to shut up about their workout routine, New Years, shopping for jeans, putting the fitted sheet back on the bed, insects, intolerance, the new president-elect, heteronormativity.
  6. Will Admit:
    I get great pleasure out of watching Vanderpump Rules, and I have a lot of opinions about it. I think Humphrey Bogart is wildly overrated. I'm a perfectionist. I should probably cut back on my caffeine intake.
  7. Is Curious About:
    The real question is: what am I NOT curious about? My library account says no topic is off limits.
  8. In the Near Future Will:
    Eat Oreos.
  9. Really Wants To:
    Learn Italian, write a book or 2, redecorate my apartment, go out on an actual date again (not to a bar or to coffee), lay in bed all day and have a movie marathon.