Why "Grease 2" is Far Better Than "Grease"

As reflected in my bio.
  1. Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie Zinone
    Underrated style icon
  2. "Reproduction"
  3. No one can seem to figure out that it's just Michael wearing a leather jacket and some shades for like 75% of the movie
  4. Seriously, there's an entire song called "Who's That Guy?"
    "It really doesn't matter that I haven't seen his face."
  5. He even did a big, sexy reveal
    Because, sadly, they still didn't realize it was Michael
  6. Added to the vocabulary: pollen tube
  7. Eve Arden is still working there, and she's even less amused with these idiots than she was the first time
  8. Every single damn costume in the "Girl for All Seasons" sequence
  9. Bomb shelter role-playing
  10. Inspired me to corral my friends into performing "Cool Rider" at the summer camp talent show with me at age 9
    All 9 year olds understand the need for "a devil in skintight leather"
  11. This line that I bust out on the regular
  12. Johnny as the poor man's Danny Zuko
    And Stephanie wearing her sunglasses inside a brightly-lit bowling alley
  13. New bowling stance
  14. The ending has a variety of fascinating outfits that don't always fit in with the Hawaiian theme of the party
  15. Case closed