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  1. 🍻
    I like beer. My friends and family like beer. Beer enters my conversation more often than it should but w/e.
  2. 😁
    Do you ever sit back and realize that your life is just a string of embarrassing moments? This emoji captures that for me. Every. Single. Day.
  3. 👰🏻
    I'm about to go to my fourth wedding in five weeks because God is a sadist and wants me to watch my boyfriend enjoy these weddings but make no moves of his own JUST IN CASE YOU'RE LISTENING, RYAN.
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"Considering" is the key word here because as a teacher, I have a small slice of free time each night where I'm not grading or planning or crying (or a mixture of the three).
  1. West Wing
    Man, this has been on my list forever. I talk to fifth graders all day who think Columbia is the capital of the US and and don't know how to write a sentence. Some witty Aaron Sorkin political banter sounds like an excellent intellectual escape.
  2. Homeland
    Does the idea of watching Homeland scare anyone else? I don't know how many Claire Danes tears I can handle but everyone says it's good.
  3. Orange is the New Black
    I feel like a really terrible former arts school kid for not watching this. This seems like a good show to watch for three or four days straight during the summer without showering and surviving on Cheetos and those new extra crispy Cheezits.
  4. Gossip Girl
    Man, I miss GG. Maybe binge watching Gossip Girl will take me back to simpler times--like being single in high school but knowing that at the very least, I didn't have to deal with my beau conning me out of money or hating me on our wedding night or creating a creepy and intricate blog tracking my every move BECAUSE NO ONE SHOULD EVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT, DAN.