1. Me: Local: if we can't sing all the small things by blink 182 together in a car blasting we can't be friends!
  2. Sorry I didn't text u back I was pretending I didn't see it and I ended up actually forgetting
  3. If you follow me on Instagram but never like my posts you can go ahead and Venmo me a monthly subscription fee of $7.99
  4. ur wcw after one mikes hard
  5. if u move ill shoot
    for pic where one of us is moving
  6. why am i like this
  7. ur wcw knows exactly what she wants and has her life together. i am not your wcw :/
  8. back on our bullshit
  9. satan was gods best friend
  10. felt cute might delete soon tho
  11. i love hoops. they're festive. i mean, they're pow.
  12. ill have what they're having!
  13. against the odds they made it home
  14. miss u + thinking of u & hope u think of me endlessly
  15. name a more iconic duo... should be pretty easy
  16. another perfect night to be back on our bullshit
  17. just pretend like we're talking until the cops leave