1. 10/10 would recommend this. texture is like Real ice cream. higher calories but very creamy n dense so more satisfying. Reminds me of Edy's slow churned french silk twist
  2. sea salt caramel
    tasty and caramel swirls are the best. very good with pretzels
  3. red velvet cake
    very good. needs more chunks. would also like cheesecake swirls or something
  4. Static
    pieces of öats which add interesting texture. not sure if it holds true to a 9/10 tho
  5. Static
    delicious. v fluffy and sweet. sprinkles r nice touch. wish there were cake bits tho
  6. Static
    tastes a little like pistachio. v good but a little plain. no crunch or chunks
  7. i thought i had a pic of mint chocolate enlightened but i don't
    10/10 tho