5 photos from the phone:

This was my first random photo list. I'm hooked now.
  1. Me and my ex-bf's dog.
    I sure miss that dog. I'm sure he misses me, too.
  2. My great grandpa's collection of clip-on ties.
    What a sweet man he was!
  3. My favorite bag from my favorite bakery containing my favorite cookies in my favorite city.
    Salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. From the Magnolia Bakery on Columbus Circle in NYC.
  4. The first time I ever Uber'd.
    In DC visiting my cousin. I felt like such a bad ass, calling my own Uber and all.
  5. My best friend fell while skiing. Why help him up when you can laugh and photograph the events instead?
    He still loves me. Because he has several photos of me on the ground eating snow.