1. Crawling into bed after a long day and pull the sheets up around your face. You breathe deep and exhale all of the problems into the comforter. No matter what happens tomorrow, right now you are cozy.
  2. Running into an old friend that you really haven't seen in years. You stand there and talk about life, not even remembering how long you've been apart. Laughs and smiles, and end with a sweet hug in the aisle of the grocery store.
  3. A song that comes onto shuffle that you know every word to when you are alone in the car. You turn the volume up, and sing that song like it's your show stopper. In that moment behind the wheel, nothing else matters.
  4. Reading a book that you've read numerous times. Though you know what to expect from the next chapter, the knot in your stomach is still there from anticipation of each page turn. Knowing what the future holds can be just as bad as the unforeseen.
  5. Cuddling with a sweet newborn baby as they are sound asleep. The way they smell, the way they wrinkle their nose, the way their tiny hand clinches your finger. Newness refreshes the soul and brings a tiny light of hope to a dark world.
  6. Returning to your alma mater for a football game. The bright lights, the marching band, and the colors you love bring back a sweet nostalgia. Never again will it be the same, but for a minute it feels so familiar.
  7. Blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. As loved ones sing Happy Birthday, you're reminded of how great it feels to be another year older. To new ideas, challenges to face, and the sweetest blessings to cherish.
  8. Taking off your shoes and walking in the sand until you reach the edge of the water. Breathing in the salty air and feeling all of the cares be taken out with the tide.
  9. Dancing on the dance floor like there is no one else in the room. Forgetting your age momentarily and just moving to the music without a care in the world.
  10. Sitting on the front porch, reading a book, and drinking a cup of coffee. The warm sun paints freckles on your nose as tiny ants crawl across your bare feet.