1. My name is Taylor. I'm an Oklahoman. And I'm an educator.
  2. Lover of picnics, turning cartwheels, and climbing mountains.
  3. I like to visit grocery stores in other towns just to see what they have there. Typically they have the same stuff, but occasionally, you find hidden treasures.
  4. Something about the long aisles of grocery stores always make me feel like tap dancing. I've never actually taken a tap lesson, so it's mostly self taught stuff.
  5. I like red wine, and not white.
  6. I'm a very tough critic when it comes to burgers.
  7. I think washing dishes by hand is therapeutic.
  8. I get a weird adrenaline rush when I communicate with people through emails.
  9. I'm a washed up gymnast who still occasionally pretends that the curb of a sidewalk is my balance beam. And, of course, my toes are pointed 97% of the day.
  10. I sing loud and proud when I'm in the car or in the shower. It can be anything from Barbra Streisand, to Garth Brooks, to Kanye West.
  11. At any given moment, I have snacks in my purse. This could be anything from fruit snacks, to peanut butter crackers, to an apple I've cut up and zipped up in a plastic baggy.
    I am always willing to share, but typically expect it to be more of a barter system. (I give you a peanut butter cracker and a mint, you share precisely 4 Doritos out of your bag with me.)
  12. I finally overcame my fear of getting gas when I was in college. I'm not really sure what I was afraid of. I never feared that the pump was going to blow up, or that I was going to get stolen. I just had this bizarre feeling, which required me to always take someone with me when getting gas.
    I'm glad I'm past that phase because it was really inconvenient and my friends were starting to hate me.
  13. I have really expensive taste.. In beer.
  14. I'm a speed walker. If I'm going somewhere, I intend on getting there as quickly a possible. All of my friends would definitely say this is my worst quality, and tend to yell at me in public places when I walk to swiftly for them to keep up.
    So unless you are a fellow speed walker, you should invest in some Heely's if you plan on shopping or taking a walking tour with me.
  15. I like to get book recommendations from people at the airport. As I sit in the terminal, waiting for my plane to board, I look around at what people are reading. I jot down titles, then look them up later. I've found several wonderful books using this simple method.
  16. When going anywhere with people, I always send the annoying "what are you wearing?" text. I know— It's obnoxious and gets super old. However, I feel the need to coordinate with my peers. Why would I wear shorts if they are all in jeans? Or what if we all show up in denim overalls and look like a home school family?
  17. I faithfully watch a soap opera. We're talking, I DVR it and have to watch it before I go to bed each day. Is it weird? Oh absolutely. But it's become a tradition and a habit I can't quite break.
  18. Speaking of habits, I'm a nail biter.
  19. And that's about it, y'all.