Things Elementary Teachers repeatedly say:

  1. "Walking feet, walking feet."
  2. "Don't chew on your pencil."
  3. "What a bummer."
  4. "Sit up."
  5. "Don't chew on that eraser."
  6. "Get the markers out of your mouth."
  7. "Spit out that eraser into the trash."
  8. "Do not eat that glue."
  9. "That's a choice you'll have to make."
  10. "Make good choices."
  11. "Are my friends on the carpet making good choices?"
  12. "Turn the iPad down please. Keep going. No. That's up. Yes. Better."
  13. "Bummer for you."
  14. "Your eyes should be on me."
  15. "When my hand is up, your mouth is shut."