A continuing list, I'm sure.
  1. "Taylor— we have to go. I have to go catch a Bulbasaur."
  2. "I just caught a Pigedo down by the river."
  3. "A Weedle just appeared while I was eating my pancake!"
  4. "I woke up. And Charzard was just sitting outside my bedroom window."
  5. "I'm still pretty upset about Bulbasaur."
  6. "This dude named Garrett keeps thinking he's going to beat me with his Jiggly Puff. Idiot."
  7. "Holy hell! I caught a great Clefairy!"
  8. "At 8:20, I'm going to walk down to the park to beat those fools once and for all."
  9. "Sorry I was late. I was driving around looking for another Eevee."
  10. "I saw this kid and his dad walking around with their phones out, so I almost rolled down my window and asked if they caught anything. But then I thought that might make me weird."