Dear Kevin, If you were to consult me about your upcoming free agency decision, these are the points I'd make.
  1. The Thunder's colors look very nice on you.
  2. We have Braum's Ice Cream.
  3. Downtown OKC just now got cool and it'd be a bummer to leave now.
  4. Everyone calls you Kevin here like you're our cousin or something.
  5. It would be weird if I could no longer wear the #35 apparel I've accumulated over the years.
  6. We helped you grow. And you helped us grow.
    Think of what we were both like back when you started. Young and awkward. Now we are both cool. We need one another to continue this growth.
  7. The Garage has the best burgers in the world.
  8. What would happen to your restaurant? That building is prime real estate and should not be left empty.
  9. The OKC Civic Center offers lots of great Broadway shows that I really think you'd enjoy.
  10. Chesapeake Arena is pretty and well-taken care of.
  11. Oklahomans really love basketball.
  12. Will Rogers Airport keeps getting more and more flights. So your options to travel keep expanding.
  13. Your work here is not finished.
  14. Lastly, Thunder fans adore you. Completely, whole heartedly, 100% devoted to you.