We've all been there. Bored out of our minds, so we open up Facebook, and just let it take us wherever it can take us. But, we soon learn there are limits. Here are those "red flags" that are a sure sign you need to sign out.
  1. You are trying to figure out when she got a boob job, using old pictures as a point of reference.
  2. You refer to your stalking as research.
  3. You found out they were in Show Choir in high school, just like you, and you want to comment and ask them about it... But then they would know you were in their photo albums from 2007.
  4. You start actually watching the videos on your feed. And they are as awful as you assumed they would be.
  5. Back to the boob job, you decide it was after her freshman year of college. Probably mid-may. Do you think her parents allowed this?
  6. You see pictures of your friends' babies. And you think, "I want one."
  7. You figure out that they were the boy your friend once dated in high school, but you wonder if he's still off limits.
  8. You start judging their wedding based on their 6 wedding photo albums. Was it pretty? Idk, so much burlap. Was it fun? Well, 6 albums looks to me liken you're trying to hard to remember it as "fun" when really it just was subpar.
  9. You look at all of the photos that your friend posts of her dog, her "fur baby," and you actually just want to free it and let it run wild.
  10. Boob job girl, again. I think her boob job actually made her look chubby. (Refer to photo album of her at spring break in PCB.) Yeah. That's why I shouldn't get one...
  11. You consider messaging your ex.
    Luckily, your phone is too full to download the Facebook Messenger App. So it's not convenient.