Shows I will continually watch over and over again
  1. The Office (US)
    Probably my fav show of all time. Comedy gold.
  2. That 70s Show
    Hilarious. Shoutout to Tommy Chong and Ashton Kutcher😍
  3. Friends
    Something about this show is so comforting and familiar. It's a crazy feeling to have for a show.
  4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Too funny. Danny DeVito and Charlie Day man.. Can't beat it.
  5. Bobs Burgers
    So funny. So so so funny.
  6. How I Met Your Mother
    My love for this show is based on Jason Segal. But good plot line too. Also love NPH being overly straight.
  7. The Simpsons
    Classic. Will always love.
  8. 30 Rock
    Tina is a star.
  9. Seinfeld
    This show created my love for comedy. George is life. Jerry not so much.
  10. Broad city
    I can identify with abbi and ilana so much it is like watching a show of my life where I'm actually as funny as I think I am. This show makes me want to be a comedian.
  11. Judge Judy
    So entertaining. Also convenient cause shes on at 6:30 every day😊
  12. Workaholics
    Some really funny stuff. Shoutout to @Ders808✌🏼️
  13. Mad men
    Insane realism with the details of this show from the hairstyles to the makeup to the furniture to the sexism. Love it.
  14. Whose line is it anyway
    When Drew Carey hosted. I love Collin and Ryan and Wayne😍