1. Hair
    Sometimes it takes 2 minutes, sometimes 20-30 minutes
  2. Wash face
    Probably a few times, sometimes I exfoliate, sometimes I do a mask.... this includes toner and moisturizer always
  3. Brush my teeth
    Sometimes mouthwash and even less often I floss
  4. Makeup
    Usually just foundation or powder all over, bronzer, brows and the liner and mascara. Sometimes I wear a highlight. Lip balm always
  5. Get dressed
  6. Pack my bag
    See what is in my purse for details on what I need to pack
  7. Eat food/ pack food to eat
    Sometimes both.. Some times one or the other
  8. Chose a pair of shoes
    Almost always runners
  9. Pick a coat and scarf
  10. Keys phone wallet and leave!