Sometimes I wear a backpack tho
  1. Pen
  2. Hair elastic
    The ones that are satin so it doesn't leave a dent in my hair when I'm using it on the go
  3. Benadryl
    I'm allergic to many different fruits😔
  4. Umbrella
  5. Make up bag
    Depending on if I'll need it tho. About half the time I do need it Its contents include (mostly) face cream/ sunscreen, bronzer, Mac rice paper eyeshadow (highlighter), concealer, face powder, lip balm, eyeliner, mascara, brows, 3 brushes, lip liner(sometimes)
  6. Nail bag
    The other thing I'm carrying about half the time. When I'm not carrying my makeup bag it will be my nail bag. Contents: buffer, file, cuticular nippers x2, Orange wood sticks, top coat, 3 or 4 polishes, clippers, nail strengthener
  7. Notebook/planner/ calendar
  8. Gum or mints
  9. Compact
  10. Peppermint oil
    My favourite.
  11. Lip balm and lip gloss
    One of each
  12. Perfume roller ball
    Rose from loccitaine💕
  13. Charger & earbuds
  14. Tampons
  15. Baby wipes
  16. Visine
  17. Wallet
    Contents: drivers license, health card, credit cards, debit, loyalty cards, gift cards, business cards, cash, receipts, coupons, coins
  18. Mitts
    In the fall/winter
  19. Water bottle
  20. Sunglasses
  21. Book
    Sometimes I read on the subway or at work. In the past it's been @mindy s book and @bjnovak s book😁
  22. My business cards
  23. Bandaid
  24. Hand cream
  25. Weed bag
    Only if I'll need it where I'm going .. This ones more like 1/3 of the time if that. Its contents are weed, grinder, paper, business cards(filters), lighter, pice of card stock(coupon or something), pencil, pen, raw papers, zig zags, palo santo stick
  26. Phone
    Well it's always in my pocket
  27. Keys
    Also always in my pocket, but when I don't have a pocket it's in my bag. Its contents: key ring, fob, front door key, bedroom key, work key, metro pass, mail key
  28. Paper
    There always random papers in my bag.. Receipts or post it notes or coupons or something
  29. A lighter
    Always in my coat pocket at least
  30. A few extra loonies and toonies
    And sometimes quarters too
  31. Tiny bottle of moroccan oil
  32. Socks
  33. Advil