1. People are judging what I'm doing constantly
    I've gotten better about this, but the fear is still there. Maybe it's because I stalk people on social media so much I feel like other people do it to me too and I fear what they think
  2. Gaining back all the weight I've lost
    Deep down I know I'd never let that happen because I obsessively weigh myself, but it's happened before
  3. Not being able to get pregnant
    It's unlikely, but it's also something I worry about a lot
  4. Someone breaking into my house with me there
    Again, this one is unlikely but could happen! As if there's anything in my apartment they'd actually want.
  5. Being alone forever
    It's a real fear of mine, if not my biggest fear. People keep telling me I'll find someone one day, but what if I don't?
  6. Not making something of myself
    I'm too determined and goal driven to let this happen, but I still worry
  7. People saying bad things about me
    It happens to everyone, I know. I try not to let myself care too much, but I still care a little