Inspired by a list by @sarahgorman (MY CHILDHOOD AESTHETIC)
  1. Bangs
  2. Kraft Mac 'n cheese
  3. The cheetah girls soundtrack
  4. Hannah Montana book bag
  5. Overalls
    Short overalls- so I could have maximum comfiness and ease, but not get too hot in the leg region
  6. Not brushing my hair
  7. Books
    One summer I read over 70 hours for the summer reading program.. Lmao nerd
  8. Barbie Jeep
  9. American Girl
    Not limited to just the dolls.. Also the magazines, books, etc.
  10. set of 3 CD's dedicated solely to children's songs
    I listened to them mostly when I was taking baths. Weird? yeah
  11. Each of my fingernails painted a different color
  12. Refusing to eat peas
  13. Singing the Brady Bunch theme song
    At family gatherings, in front of strangers...
  14. Screaming
    Have yet to grow out of this