The worst/most emotionally strenuous roller coaster I've ever been on! Let's take a tour of this monstrosity, shall we?
  1. First, I got accepted to two state schools.
    I felt like I probably wouldn't go to either as my first choice, but I wanted some backup plans. Acceptance rates were very high for both, so it was fairly easy getting admitted.
  2. Then, I applied to four schools with the Common App.
    WAY more competitive, expensive, prestigious etc.
  3. I put so. much. time. and. energy. into these applications.
    I even had an alumni interview for one (my first choice- back to this later). ALSO MONEY. It costs upwards of eighty (EIGHTY) dollars to apply to some schools!!
  4. By January, I was done with applying.
    ... Or so I thought.
  5. ~Fast-forward through two and a half + months of stressful and anxious waiting~
  6. I got my first decision letter!
    And... I got waitilisted. :| read more about that here: FEELINGS ON BEING WAIT-LISTED
  7. Then, just a few days later, another one.
    This time, though, I got straight-up denied. This HURT.
  8. At this point, I felt defeated.
  9. I had been excited about college for all of senior year, just to get shoved to the ground.
  10. This is when I FINALLY got a decision from my first-choice school.
  11. I've never wanted anything as much as I wanted to get into this school.
  12. And, guess what? I got wait listed. Again.
    Dats me!! Queen of da wait list!
  13. On one hand, I'm super excited it isn't a denial. It's a REALLY great school, so anything at all is at least a little impressive.
  14. ... But last year, this school only admitted, wait for it, eight students off of their waiting list. Eight. EIGHT. Like, less than TEN, eight.
    So, my chances of getting in are minuscule at best.
  15. Sigh.
  16. 3/4 of the non-state school schools I've Applied to have not accepted me.
    I'm still waiting on a decision from UNC, but at this point I don't have the time or energy to sit around and wait for a letter.
  17. Also, I do have my two state back-up schools, but...
    1.) My state has not declared a budget yet (shoutout to IL for being the worst 👏🏻), so no public schools have their money yet! Meaning, my financial aid packages are CRAP. Also, w/ significant lack of funds, my desired programs (English, film, communications) would likely be the first cut. 2.) When realizing that these schools were currently my only choices, I realized how badly I didn't want to go to either. Plus, I don't want to pay so much to go to a school I barely even like!
  18. SO. I did some research and there are two schools in Chicago (which is close to where I live), Loyola and Columbia College, that I'm interested in and also have rolling admissions!
    Meaning, it's not too late for me to apply! (There is one downside in that I am not eligible for merit scholarships because I'm applying later, but I'm trying to look on the bright side).
  19. I applied.
    As of today, both applications have been sent in. My counselor has sent in transcripts, test scores, recommendation forms etc...
  20. Now, I wait again.
    This time, though, the process shouldn't be as painful. Both schools have high acceptance rates (above 70%), and, because they use rolling admissions, I should find out about my decision in just a few weeks!
  21. Now, I'm feeling a little excited again.
    Still feeling bruised/defeated/sad/angry about my non-acceptances, but the idea of going to either of these schools has me feeling 😊.
  22. They both have what I want to study!
    Film! Media! Journalism! Columbia even has a comedic studies track! God bless. 🙏🏼
  23. Now, I'm focusing my energy on enjoying senior year and getting excited about (probably) moving to Chicago!
  24. Whew. I gotta be honest, I never want to do this ever again.
    But I'm glad that I have more insight into the process now, so I can help advise my younger siblings and friends. I also am feeling like making a college admissions tip list...
  25. That is all. If you're going on this ride anytime soon, good luck!! Hopefully, your experience will be a little less emotionally exhausting.