Little momma is a term I use to describe a child who is essentially raising themselves and their younger siblings. You will find them in classrooms every where and they come from all walks of life. They are one of the many reasons I teach and from them I have learned so much.
  1. They are bossy.
  2. They are tough.
  3. They don't think they need you.
  4. They don't play like the other children play.
  5. They often have burn marks from trying to cook.
  6. They get themselves up and they put themselves to bed.
  7. They change diapers.
  8. They LOVE their siblings.
  9. They don't know there children.
  10. They are more wonderful, loving, and kind then they'll ever understand.
  11. They are strong.
  12. They are both girls and boys.
  13. They need you.
  14. They don't understand how to not be in charge. They need your help.
  15. Love them.
  16. Love them so much.
  17. They don't need to be babied. The time has past for that. The rules still apply to them despite their circumstances.
  18. Love them enough to be tough on them.
  19. Then love them some more.