Sometimes I'm just going about my day or staring into space and things pop into my head. *hits philosophical blunt*
  1. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
    I don't get why people think this. I think that people eventually get used to the void and emptiness. We adapt. Become desensitised. We forget. Absence makes the heart indifferent. That's really why long distance relationships often fail. Somewhere along the way, the passion lessens, the fire calms and the heart cools.
  2. "Curiosity killed the cat"
    I've always found this phrase ironically myopic. On a fundamental level, it is not curiosity that kills the cat - it is acting on its curiosity proves the cat's doom. Ergo, the cat's hamartia is not anxiety but a lack of self control. Curiosity is inevitable- it is the inexorable consequence of consciousness. Humans are curious. Animals are curious. Rodents are curious. Only the dead and comatose remain passive.
  3. "Curiosity killed the cat" pt2
    I say, ironically myopic, because I believe the term tries to look beyond the surface. By looking past the literal causation of the act and casting the blame on curiosity, the author shows some level of foresight. Alas, it still falls short. The cat cannot help but be curious. But it can inhibit itself. The cat can show restraint. It is the dearth of self-control that kills the cat. It is a lack of regulation that is the cat's undoing. (I feel a metaphor in here somewhere).