I've been wanting to do a list for a very long time. But the ideas I had seemed least until 20 mins ago. So yeah, I got rejected by the London School of Economics and Political Science(LSE) to study Economics yesterday which sucked but I think I'm over it because I felt no sadness writing this. Here are the thoughts of an LSE reject.
  1. this is what this feels like.
  2. Wait, what does this actually feel like?
  3. Brain: "idk, how the fuck am I meant to it".
  4. Lazy fucker. Fine, I'll figure it out myself
  5. Slumps to the ground, looks into the mirror, and proceeds to enter a staring contest with own self.
  6. Still nothing...
  8. Is this shock? Like surprise shock
  9. Or is this can't believe it actually happened shock?
  10. That's the same thing but it's not. The latter is like affirmation shock. The former is shock shock.
  11. Woah, I have some serioussss spidey sense.....I got some really bad vibes about this on Monday while brushing my teeth. lol I sound like one of those people.
  12. Damn.
  13. I really didn't get in.
  14. Damn.
  15. Okay read the email properly.
  16. Reads email
  17. Numbness is easing. Feelings are beckoning.
  18. Do you really regret to "inform" me?
  19. Way to make it about you....narcissistic assholes.
  20. K, don't be a bitter bitch.
  21. You didn't get in, you didn't get in.
  22. My personal statement was "good", but you received "exceptional" ones.
  23. Oh fuckkkk youuuuu LSE
  25. damn it!
  26. I'm upset now. Tears are gathering.
  27. Uh oh. Here we go.
  28. No. I will not cry over a fucking university!
  29. Fight. The. Power.
  30. Shit. I'm crying.
  31. Well it's one tear.
  32. You're weak. A weak pussy who tears up when faced with rejection.
  33. Whatever. I'm human.
  34. Okay pray. Pray and thank God. Remember what Vaj said(I call my best friend Vaj....yes Vaj as in vagina..rhymes with her name...not really but I'm 8 at heart so...). It's just not meant to be. It's not what he has planned for you. It IS for the best.
  35. Well doesn't bloody feel like it.
  36. Oh stop being so dramatic, you were considering not going there anyways.
  37. Okay I'm going to pray.
  38. Realises how much I did actually want this while praying.
  39. More tears ensue.
  40. But the tears bring acceptance and a weird serenity.
  41. Finishes prayer and looks in the mirror. My eyes are red. Shit. I swear I didn't cry that much.
  42. Text mummy.
  43. Doesn't reply.
  44. Should I call her?
  45. No, I don't want to say it out loud. Not ready yet.
  46. What do I do? How do I tell people?
  47. This is so embarrassing.
  48. No it's not. It happens.
  49. You decided to study Econ a month before you applied. You don't even have the right subject combinations. You knew nothing. Had no work experience. Literally knew nothing. But you still got into 4 of the top Universities to study Economics.
  50. You got into Warwick and that's 2 places higher than LSE.
  51. You'd be downgrading to go there anyways.
  52. K lol, too far Tayo.
  53. lol yeah true.
  54. You're okay. You really are. It's fine.
  55. I think I always knew deep down I wouldn't get it. Maybe that's why I wanted it so much. I was trying to prove something to myself.
  56. But I need to learn to trust my gut more.
  57. I think I'm going to firm Warwick. I had and still have really good vibes about it.
  58. Follow the vibes T. Your vibes know wassup. Lol, you're an idiot.
  59. Reads the email again.
  60. I am honestly fine with this rejection.
  61. That didn't take long.
  62. Should I be sadder?
  63. Nah.
  64. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  65. No, I literally have no time for that. Missed 2 days of a school and I have a half completed PI that was due 2 weeks ago.
  66. Okay, A*AA results aren't going to magically happen in June.
  67. It's crunch time.
  68. Do or die muthafucker.
  69. Phone rings. It's Mummy.
  70. Omg, I can totally blackmail her into bringing me McDonald's!!!