This is boring. I have more than 900 screenshots on my phone. I should really delete them.
  1. Somebody asked for a picture of me so I sent them this beautiful creature
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  2. I was trying to learn the types of columns... I don't know why.
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  3. my friend got new meds
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  4. Contemplating dying my hair a reddish color
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  5. Wanna be confused? Google old Halloween costumes. Like what are these children dressed as??
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  6. I was explaining to my friends that I think I'm into mustaches now
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  7. I've sent this to friends asking if these people look happy and in love... It's Hitler and Eva Braun.
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  8. a friends snapchat.
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  9. I was comparing "silver" kitchenaid mixers
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  10. They are all the same type
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  11. Just "different" colors
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  12. HOW are there this many variations of sliver??
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