I'm constantly writing now the things people around me say.
  1. "I'm never wrong. I might be mistaken but I'm never wrong."
    [my mother, Dec. 2015]
  2. "Muggle on the streets and a wizard in the bed."
    [me, on my birthday.] I don't know exactly what it means.
  3. "I'll take fictional girls at this point."
    [my friend Preston, Oct. 2014]
  4. "Why not? He's bearded, he's old, and he's got big packages."
    [my friend Grace, Dec. 2014] Santa. I was wondering why some one would sexualize Santa.
  5. "You don't turn free bird off in the middle. It's the first thing my mom ever taught me"
    [my friend Ara, Dec. 2014]
  6. "I like love Toby (Flenderson)!"
    [my friend Austin, Sept. 2014] I still don't understand how I'm friends with a person like this.
  7. "Question: Hugs, Drugs, or Pugs?"
    [no idea, Aug. 2014]
  8. "I'm like the wicked witch except for pineapple juice instead of water."
    [my friend Kyle, May 2014]
  9. "Who likes waking up at midnight. No one does that"
    [my friend Lila, May 2014] She thought it was "if you liking waking up at midnight" instead of "making love at midnight"
  10. "It's alright... I've been drinking all morning."
    [a bus driver, Jan. 2014]