1. Where do all these leaves go
    How do they not block up the sewers there's so many they're like a carpet on the sidewalk
  2. Holy shit these leaves are so slippery
    Whew that was a close one
  3. These people in front of me are so slow but we're all carrying umbrellas will our umbrellas fit 3 abreast when I try to pass them
  4. Should I make a break for it now
    What if I slip on a leaf again
  5. Wow they're walking faster than I thought
    But still not fast enough
  6. Fuck it I'm doing it
  7. Oh no there's someone coming the other way, also with an umbrella
    Too late to abort now
  8. I did it I passed them they must think I'm a v busy important person
    Too bad I'm wearing this stupid backpack it prob undermines me
  9. Great, we're all stopped at a red light together
    They're probably thinking "look how far that got you, hotshot"
  10. Should I say something to them
    Like "have a great night, folks"
  11. Nah they seem pretty deep in conversation