Dublin Must Do's and See's

Ireland's capital has so much to offer and you can do almost all of it in 2 days.
  1. St. John Oliver Gogarty's - get their soup because it comes with Guinness bread that's amazing
  2. St. Stephen's green - small park where you can have a quick stroll or finish up a coffee before sightseeing in the south
  3. Merrion square - large park with gorgeous flowers and street lamps
  4. O'Neill's pub - yummy buffet food and some of the tables have their own beer tap that measures how much you pour out and tracks it for your payment at the end!
  5. Boxty's - hip restaurant that's a bit overpriced but worth the experience. Get the cabbage and chick peas side as it's both authentic and yummy
  6. Musashi - woahhhh this place was amazing. Dumplings and cha han were the best I've ever had and this was smack dab in the middle of Dublin
  7. Queen of tarts - cutest little place. Great for a healthy or hearty breakfast and delicious pastries
  8. Hatch & Sons - lovely little place that feels like a country kitchen. Great for breakfast or lunch!
  9. P Macs - a hip bar full of college and grad students. They even have board games to play!
  10. The palace bar - go here if you want to meet middle aged Irish men that are eager to meet you. Oh and also to get a feel for a real Irish pub
  11. National Gallery of Dublin - great, free, and small museum. Only took 30 min to walk through
  12. Book of Kells - definitely worth the 12 euros. Such a beautiful, old library!
  13. Georgia Street Arcade - hip and antique shopping. Also, yogism is in there and it's the best froyo I've had outside of the US
  14. Literary pub crawl - also well worth 12 euros. You get to meet some amazing travelers, laugh your head off, and learn quite a bit about Irish writers, anddddd drink at 4 unique pubs
  15. The Merchant pub - huge, dark, and wooden, this place feels like a Viking ship. Friendly staff, but every Irish person I met was pleasant
  16. Tinder - amazing way to meet locals - cute ones too!