Reasons to watch MotoGP

And not to watch Formula 1 anymore
  1. The competition
    It's fierce and ruthless. Last season we had 4 competing drivers (Lorenzo, Rossi, Marquez, Pedrosa) in 2 competing teams (Yamaha & Honda). This season another team (Ducati) joined the top tier completion. We enter each race not knowing who will win and championship is usually decided at the last second of the last race.
  2. The overtaking
    It's insane. Overtaking maneuvers in MotoGP happen all the time and are mostly spectacular. It takes some skills and a dead heart to overtake at high speeds that could reach and exceed 300km/hour. No one is safe and a mistakes are paid for instantly.
  3. The races
    Great locations around the globe. Unlike Formula 1, races are shorter (around 1 hour) and there are no pit stops, unless rain is involved. So it's high intensity racing that keeps you on the edge of your seat without distractions, at least from MotoGP side.
  4. The Doctor
    Valentino Rossi is an absolute legend. 9 championships including 7 MotoGP titles. He is the Michael Schumacher or the Kobe Bryant of MotoGP but he is still driving and competing at the highest level. Although he is in his late 30s and the oldest driver, he lost the title last season only at the last race. This season, he has already 1 win under his belt and he remains in the forefront of the competition.
  5. The engines
    At the time F1 moved to hybrid engines that you can barely hear, MotoGP remains true to its motor head fans with engines that satisfy the senses even when heard from TV speakers.
  6. The cameras
    There's no holding back in the production of races for TV. Cameras are everywhere and the most modern techniques and technologies are deployed to ensure it's one of the best sports to watch. In-race analytics is something Formula 1 should be jealous from.
  7. The app
    MotoGP has an app that you can subscribe to and use it to watch races (including all the archive of previous seasons) at anytime and anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. The app is one of the best I've seen and even better than similar ones for the NBA or NFL. Formula 1 has a lot of catch up to do on this front.