with disappointing seasons of Arrow and The Flash you owe it to your audience to make next season better, especially with Supergirl in your lineup.
  1. To start off, congratulations CW for upping your game as a network over the past few years. I've always been a fan of your shows, but you've got to admit you've raised your bar in quality recently. And next season looks even more exciting.
  2. But to quote a superhero franchise you don't have rights to, with great power comes great responsibility.
  3. While you're currently campaigning for two of your shows as emmy contenders, please consider the vast amount of talent you will have on your channel next season.
    More specifically, the musically gifted talent.
  4. You have the award winning Rachel Bloom, who created a musical universe you have just tapped the surface of.
  5. You also have 4 superhero shows all within your "multiverse"
    Not to mention the award winning Jane the Virgin, the forever running Supernatural, the (maybe coming to the end of its run?) Vampire Diaries, and some promising new series. But let's focus for now on your superhero multiverse and my current favorite television show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  6. What I propose is a crossover to end all crossovers: the CW DC multiverse and Rachel Bloom's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
    Let's be honest crazier team-ups have happened in Hollywood. We're getting a Men in Black/21 Jump Street Mashup.
  7. "But how could that possibly work?" You ask. Let me lay it out for you.
  8. We've seen Earth 1 and Earth 2 and whatever Earth Supergirl is on. Since there are infinite Earths, it's safe to assume one of those Earth's might not have superheroes, but might instead have people break into musical numbers spontaneously.
    maybe this was the Earth Ally McBeal lived on? The world may never know.
  9. So, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) speedsters his way over to Kara Denvers' (Melissa Benoist) Earth grabs her and her Winn (Jeremy Jordan). They are unknowingly followed by her evil aunt Astra (Laura Benanti). And Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) accidently gets sucked into the portal with Barry.
  10. They all end up going to a third Earth and find they've all lost their powers and must work together to get back to their Earths. No villain, the goal is just to get home.
  11. Are you following me so far? Do you see a pattern? Let me break down what's happening here:
  12. Grant Gustin from Glee, and Jesse L. Martin from Smash (and Rent I guess) go grab Melissa Benoist from Glee, and Tony nominee Jeremy Jordan from Smash (and Newsies I guess). They are then followed by Tony Award winning Laura Benanti from Nashville (and like Broadway or whatever like nbd).
  13. They land in Rachel Bloom's fever dream and sing and dance their way through solving how to get home.
  14. "But wait!" you might say, "How does this fit in the world of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend because it seems like it wouldn't work at all."
    Wow, why do you have to be so negative about it?
  15. This is the fun part, Rebecca Bunch is working at the office when an earthquake (they are in West Covina after all) shakes up the town! The earthquake accidentally breaks a gas line and the entire town experiences a major gas leak (#sixseasonsandamovie).
  16. So Greg Serrano (Santino Fontana) meets Winn while working at the bar. They both relate to the whole unrequited love thing.
    If Santino Fontana and Jeremy Jordan are in a room together does Laura Osnes have to magically appear? We'll have to ask the Broadway gods.
  17. Meanwhile, Kara and Barry and chatting it up with Josh Chan. All of the adorableness is too much for the rest of the gang. Except white Josh, he grabs some popcorn with Darryl and they just watch.
  18. Astra meets Rebecca and they commiserate over being hella misunderstood.
    I am not saying Rebecca is the villain of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, I'm just saying I would like her to sing a song with Laura Benanti.
  19. Joe West and Paula sing something similar to Bye Bye Birdie's "Kids"
  20. To wrap it all up, the Crazy crew bid farewell to their new friends as Felicity, Cisco, and Caitlin open a portal from Earth 1 and grab their super friends back. The Crazy crew shrugs as they sing a song about how fun gas leaks are.
  21. So, there it is. A CW crossover event like none other.
    Bonus points if No Tomorrow's Joshua Sasse is involved because if abc can't bring us more Galavant the least you can do us bring us back Galavant.
  22. My final request is a Riverdale spinoff: Josie and the Pussycats. I've been waiting 15 years for a TV show. Give us the damn show.
  23. Thank you for your consideration, I hope you really take this idea to heart and get working on it now since it will take a lot of prep and planning. Best of luck pulling it off. Feel free to invite me to the office/set to discuss it further.