if I controlled television this is what I would put on it.
  1. Harry Potter Anthology Series
    Different stories in the HP universe. New time, location, and characters each season.
  2. Teen Giles Buffy Spinoff
    This was in development for a hot sec back in to 2000s, it should be a thing. Especially with the glimpses of his youth in the comics.
  3. Nuktuk, Hero of the South
    In the style of Children's Hospital, we see the adventures of Nuktuk and Ginger in short 10 minute episodes. But some episodes get meta and talk about the show within the show where we see Bolin, Varrick, Zhu Li, and other characters involved in making Nuktuk. Idk if it's live action or not.
  4. Sky High
    How is this not a thing yet? The movie is amazing and has the perfect setup for a TV show.
  5. Four Roommates Moving Out of An Apartment
    Okay this is straight up How I Met Your Mother except it's not a love story, it's a friendship story. But same concept of the entire show being a series of flashbacks and stories. It opens on four Roommates packing boxes into a truck. The first episode flashes back to the four moving into the apartment. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder why they are moving out and away from one another... I hope.
  6. Broadway Variety Hour
    A late night talk show specifically for the people of The Great White Way. Hosted by a guest with a cast of regulars with interviews, games, and sketches. As well as live performances, stand up sets, prerecorded bits, and Broadway shenanigans. Honestly I'm not sure why we don't have this yet, those live musicals get such large audiences. Imagine if the broadway fandom had a weekly show. Okay wait they did... #ripSmash
  7. Hamm on Ham.
    Jon Hamm tries different hams and talks about it.
  8. Questlove's Quest for Love
    Your would watch this. You know you would watch this.
  9. Literally Anything with Mamrie Hart
    She just understands comedy and she should have her own show and I feel like I should probably make it.
  10. Okay don't make me say it... fine, Vampire Academy