The Songs of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Applied to My Life

the songs are crazy good. sometimes they are crazy on point. (it's my first list don't judge me)
  1. Facebook When It's My Birthday!
    I Have Friends - Rachel Bloom and Ava Acres
  2. Going through obsessive fazes fanning over actresses...
    Feelin' Kinda Naughty - Rachel Bloom
  3. After I eat fried foods and/or drink alcohol!
    Where's Your Bathroom - Tovah Feldshuh
  4. Me in high school...
    I Could If I Wanted To - Santino Fontana
  5. What I wish my memories of Jewish sleep away camp was...
    JAP Battle - Rachel Bloom and Rachel Grate
  6. I literally stopped being friends with someone because they kept trying to group hang...
    Group Hang - Rachel Bloom and Cast
  7. And how I've been feeling on my new job!
    Women Gotta Stick Together - Gabrielle Ruiz (I know this song is actually the opposite of what this gif is but the song is great and the gif is great so so what, who cares?)