Things I Am Loving About The Buffy/Spike/Angel Reunion in Season 10

the Buffy comics have been a mixed bag of storytelling and character arcs. but finally in season 10 we get the original* vamp love triangle back together again! *I don't actually know if this is true. there probably was a vampire love triangle before them. also they weren't really a triangle because they never overlapped.
  1. Let's start off with how serious these writers are taking this comic. This is some dramatic shit right here.
  2. Look at this interaction. I mean, come on.
  3. And Dawn seeing Angel?! That never happened in the show! Not to mention Buffy's shade in the next panel.
  4. It's like this whole comic they just wanted to troll Angel... he deserves it.
  5. And Spike being just such a child. Like always.
  6. I mean, ending an issue like this? Genius!
  7. It's pretty amazing seeing them team up. In the show it was always Buffy and Angel vs Spike. or Buffy and Spike vs Angelus. As a team they are unstoppable.
  8. But in the end Angel had to be a total fuccboi about Buffy and Spike finally being happy together.
  9. Thanks Buffy season 10. Now I gotta go read about how Faith and Fred are gonna be besties for life.