My friend Patrick and I used to play this game at work. The rules were, if Patrick and I found ourselves in the same convo group, we had to use an abbrev in at least one word of EVERY sentence we spoke. This game was fun for no one. It was barely fun for us. As a result, I have a list of commonly used abbrevs from said convos. List never ends...
  1. Breevy breev
    Sometimes when an abbrev is used so often it's fun to double it up, like in this case; abbreviation turned into abbrev, which then turned into breevy breev.
  2. Convo
  3. Emotsch
  4. Diffy diff
  5. Diff
    Difficult. *one could argue that diffy diff could also work for the word "difficult" but the more intense the connotation of the word, the less cutesy the abbrev can be. For example: I just broke up with my girlf and it was the most diffy diff thing I've done in a while" UMMMMM. AWFUL. YOU INSENSITIVE HUMAN, YOU. But the alternative, "I just broke up with my girlf and it was the most diff thing I've done in a while." Makes total sense. You're going through a tough time and I get that 💝
  6. Ty Ty
  7. Carski
    Car. Here we have the root word, "car," which is too short to abbreviate. So alternatively, we made it longer.
  8. Friendski
    Friend. Same theory as the above "car."
  9. Girlf or girlfy/boyf or boyfy
    Girlfriend or Boyfriend. Let's use the same theory we learned with diffy diff. If the sentence is cutesy, let's use the more cute version aka girlfy. If we're saying "my boyf is a dick" it has way more resonance and impact than if we were to say boyfy. Bleh.
  10. Tank
    This is a specific abbrev but it's in regard to Shark Tank. We would talk a lot about the Tank in the office. I guess this isn't much of an abbrev but if someone was talking about Shark Tank it was only a matter of time before someone popped their head up from their cubicle and shouted, "YOU TALKIN' TANK!!!??!" which obvi meant, "Hey, are you fine people discussing the latest Shark Tank episode? May I join, if so?"
  11. Obvi
  12. Yerush
  13. Vizzy viz
  14. Vom
  15. Communicash
    Communicate. Here's a tricky one. The abbrev of communicate couldn't be commune because that's a very real word. So instead, pretend you're saying the word and then fizzle it out with a "ash" sound so it's not a real word, but thusly a very real abbrev.
  16. Faceski
  17. Coasty-coast
    This type of abbrev is only for the expert. Does the person who said it mean literal coast like west coast or east coast? OR does the person mean coaster, like, a thing for which we can place our drink atop on your fine wood table? Context clues are KEY but this one was re: a coaster for my Dr. Pepper can, FYI.
  18. V
    Very. No time for the full word. Need to think of the next abbrev!
  19. Beach Nayche
    Beach Nation. This is specific to my West Hollywood neighby neighb (here I mean neighborhood. Neighbor would be just neighb). It's this kinda adorbs restaurant with the absolutely douchiest name. BEACH. NATION!? What the F were you thinking!? Where do you think your establishment is!!? The end of frat row at the University of Miami!? (side note: I went to a tiny college with 3 frats so I don't know if that joke even comes close to landing. But I'm from Miami so I know I'm half right.)
  20. Def
  21. Adorbs
    Adorable to a v high level OR not adorable at all but need to find a compliment that will appease the person you're giving said compliment to. There's a huge difference between, "You know, I didn't think you could pull it off Yessie, but you look freaking adorbs in that crop top sweater!" and "Yeah Diana...that 732927th picture you posted on Instagram of you and your cat are super adorbs. More adorbs than the last...for suresies." Oh and, **PRO TIP** "FOR SURESIES" IS ALWAYS A DISS!
  22. Togeths
  23. Magnif
  24. Believey leave
  25. Beliebskies
    Anything re: Justin Bieber both sincere and non. Ex: "have you heard that new jam from beliebskies?" OR "yeah bro, I'm a beliebskies, what up?" OR "have you seen that documentary about the beliebskies? Seems like kinda a good guy, no?"
  26. Mome
  27. Regard
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    Regardless. This one is for the absolute pro, obviously. V upset I missed this one.
  28. Usu
    Usual (the spelling of this abbrev is hotly debated but this is what feels most right for me)
  29. Listski appy app
    List app