1. Run the World- Beyoncé
  2. Dirt off Your Shoulder- Jay Z
    Hil's anthem through the "scandals"
  3. Hollaback Girl- Gwen Stefani
    "Delete your account."
  4. Every Breath You Take- The Police
    Julian Assange's karaoke go-to
  5. Creep- Radiohead
    See above
  6. Cocaine- Eric Clapton
    Trump, first debate. S/O to Howard Dean for that idea.
  7. It Wasn't Me- Shaggy
    Pence, VP debate
  8. Man! I Feel Like a Woman- Shania Twain
    Breaking the glass ceiling, 90s country pop style
  9. Mo Money Mo Problems- Biggie, Mase, Puff
    The Clinton Foundation. Also, mo emails mo problems.
  10. OPP- Naughty By Nature
    Of course.
  11. Survivor- Destiny's Child
    Hillary and Huma's pump up song
  12. Everybody Hurts- REM
    Post-election feels
  13. Beautiful- Carole King
    Hilary's concession speech message to girls
  14. Firework- Katy Perry
    See above
  15. I Will Always Love You- Whitney Houston
    From: 48% of the American electorate, to: HRC
  16. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised- Gil Scott Heron
    Let's get to work