✨Sometimes we need to push back, break through limiting beliefs and talk ourselves through obstacles even when we don't fully believe we can get through it. SELF LOVE is about granting ourselves the same compassion and care we typically offer others without hesitation. Here's a list for hacking moments when you feel like shit about your life!❤️
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    Love yourself for wanting change. Don't judge yourself for failing.😊💪🏼🔑
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    💥Recognize no one is perfect all the time.
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    If you had a close friend in your shoes, what advice would you give them?👭
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    Write out a list of everything you've been complimented on in the last 10-20 years! What do others love about you?🙋🏽
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    What do others See in You, that you take for granted?
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    Are you holding on to regret and willing to forgive yourself and move on? 😔
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    ❓❓What do you want right now? Write it in an "I want to feel..." Statement.💯Own it!!
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    What would be the next first Step to have that? A small step. A gentle step.🍃🍂
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    📝Make a list of each next small gentle step you'll take today, or the next few days. Keep each step simple and small so you are certain to complete it.⏳
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    While taking each step, notice how you feel. How do you feel? Journal about it. ✍🏼
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    🎉Celebrate each step or action taken with Love and Appreciation for that fact you are growing, changing and breaking free of what wasn't working.💓
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    Accept responsibility for Honoring your life and what you want to experience in it by Loving yourself every day, especially when you feel like shit about your life!!👌🏼🗝🔑
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    We have the power within us to change our lives with our thoughts, actions and self-love propelling us forward.💖👌🏼
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    Love, T.