We're all in this together...
  1. Preacher's kids
  2. Dog haters
  3. People from North Carolina
  4. Atlanta Braves fans
  5. People who have ever moved to a new city without knowing anyone
  6. Women with thick eyebrows
  7. Anyone five (or multiples of five) years older or five years younger than me
  8. Night owls
  9. People who don't enjoy running or talking about running
  10. People who prefer the beach over the mountains
  11. People who are sad when summer ends rather than excited about fall
    Haven't met one of these yet, but I know they're out there.
  12. Country concert goers
    Bonus points if you've been to a Kenny Chesney concert and loved it
  13. Marketing professionals and/or people who work in the healthcare industry
  14. Toyota Camry drivers and/or people who have more than 100K miles on their cars
  15. People who think Southern/church potluck food is the best in the world