I love a good tradition more than most. These are my favorite things my family has done or currently does every year.
  1. Dyeing Easter eggs
    Everyone in the family gets an egg with their name on it, including cats we've had over the years and my brother's favorite stuffed animal, Bear Bear.
  2. Annual trip to Hilton Head
    I've travelled to more beautiful and culturally historic places, but Hilton Head, SC will always be my favorite city in the world. Per my insistence, we stayed in the same condo community, ate the same food and played mini-golf at the same place every year until I was 24. It was always the best week of the year.
  3. Day after Thanksgiving hike
    We bring delicious leftover turkey sandwiches and take a brief hike to stay far away from Black Friday crowds.
  4. Decorating the Christmas tree
    Also on Black Friday, we put up the tree while listening to classic Kenny Chesney and Hanson Christmas CDs. I organize the ornaments, my mom and brother set up the tree, and my dad attempts to avoid the merriment and any decorating responsibilities.
  5. Sugar cookie and gingerbread men baking
    My mom, brother and I make sugar cookies a few days before Christmas using a family recipe, and then gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve before we go to church.
  6. Opening presents after Santa leaves the house
    As a preacher's kid, Christmas Eve was always a late night for my family. My brother and I would go to sleep after an evening church service, and my parents would wake us up when my dad got home from the 11:00pm service. They'd say we just missed Santa, and we'd open all of our presents in the middle of the night. I can't imagine Christmas any other way.