I'm not a crier by nature, but this is what triggers my tears.
  1. Stories about children being adopted
    These are glimpses of heaven on earth.
  2. The reaping scene in Hunger Games
    Every damn time. I think about volunteering for my younger brother, and the tears start a flowin'.
  3. When Mufasa dies
    Because contrary to what some might think, I'm not made of stone.
  4. When Rachel gets off the plane
    The series finale of Friends is sitcom gold. I can't help but cry when the live audience cheers at Ross and Rachel's reunion.
  5. When contestants are "stolen" on The Voice
    By far my most embarrassing one. I think it's the surprise and the dramatic sound of the coaches' buttons that pull at my heart strings.
  6. Scenes where parents drop their kids off at college
    Takes me back to that overwhelming day in August 2007