I always wanted to be like @justjills when I grew up, and in so many ways I already am!
  1. We are ISTJs.
    It's what makes us two of the most independent, reliable and level-headed people you'll ever meet. But I promise we're still fun.
  2. Our love for reading began with The Babysitter's Club.
    It's what earned me a blue ribbon for reading the most books in 5th grade and probably why Jill reads 80+ books a year. And because she's a miracle of a human. @amieshmamie
  3. We love The Office and Friday Night Lights.
    Among others, but we both have these in our top ranks of TV shows. Before Netflix Jill let me borrow her DVDs of The Office and I watched five seasons in nine days - my greatest binge.
  4. We are prone to celebrity obsession.
    Jill: @mindy Me: Kenny Chesney (please don't judge) Both: John Krasinski because he is the perfect man
  5. We are AP style experts.
    We both read, write and edit for a living, which means we notice when you use that pesky serial comma.
  6. We would always rather attend parties than host them.
    Remember, we're ISTJs.
  7. We are Atlanta Braves fans.
    Jill went through a period of Braves fandom in her youth. My fandom will never end.
  8. We are hilarious.
    Individually, together and especially with @amieshmamie and @Cara_duhh. Then it's just magic.