1. "sacrificing my life for others" as an organizing principle is starting to seem specious. Read: the kind of thing an asshole would say.
    But somehow still better than trying to just to "be happy"? The truth of how to pursue a life, for me at least, is probably neither. I'm tempted to say it's somewhere between, but I'm sensing this is maybe a false dichotomy/axis.
  2. I'm a "creative class" American who's found themselves in med school
  3. ^ Who apparently takes themselves -very- seriously
  4. I don't want to quit med school, but suddenly, making designs on photoshop all day doesn't seem like a problematic career choice
    But doesn't my career need pathos?!
  5. I think a central tension will be trying to connect this creative part of me with medicine
    "Lots of doctors write books!" ... Right...
  6. I still -like- medicine
  7. I mean, maybe I'll fall in love with a more traditionally "med school" route?
    Surgery all day doesn't sound bad AT ALL
  8. Though this option may be made for me
    I am definitely -not- a ~perfect fit~ for the preclinical med school years. Maybe this extends to the practice of medicine itself? Obviously not totally but maybe -enough- to prevent me from finding real meaning in a typical medical career?
  9. I also care about policy, social justice, and global health
    Oof this is too many things to do well
  10. But I absolutely, positively, must 4) pass this Friday's biochem final