(Also overlaps with reasons why I think I will love Japan!)
  1. Feels super hygienic!
    Something about the tightly sealed cup and plastic sealed straws. Disgusted by the excessive use of plastic, but feels so cleeeeean!
  2. The process feels so high tech...
    Why use a blender when you can use this shaking machine!
  3. ... SO high tech
    And a machine for the aforementioned sealing!
  4. When I was a little kid, this is what I imagined the future would be like 🙀🙀
  5. Also love the totally random selection of other stuff
    Popcorn chicken! Macaroons! Taiwanese bbq sausage! Ramen!
  6. And the random Simpsons decor...
  7. ... Which nicely complements the general hello kitty vibe!
    Though I just realized it doesn't really look anything like hello kitty
  8. Finally, bubble tea itself!
    Love that tapioca!