1. Green Apple Jell-O: Preferably in the form of Jell-O shots. A fun sensation in your mouth that is unrivaled by any other food substance.
  2. Green Beans: Must be made by Lisa. Soft texture with a sweet, savory flavor. Goes excellent with a plate of chicken or steak.
  3. Grannysmith Apples: Most would go Red Delicious if we're on the topic of apples, but the Grannysmith is the friend that never lets you down. Combined with peanut butter is a top notch snack choice.
  4. Green Grapes: May be described as "sour" by some, but make no mistake, these grapes are as sweet as mama's home cookin' on a July Saturday night.
  5. Broccoli: Resembles trees. Underrated vegetable. Lisa makes this often so it has become a staple of the DiSalle family dinner. Used to hate it, but have warmed up enough to slide into the fifth spot here.