1. The Party Gods: Easy one here. Never fail to disappoint. They don't announce their presence but you'll know when they arrive. Bringers of booze, girls, beer pong, great music, good people and even better vibes. Once you commit to the Party God religion you will forever been in for a life full of hell raisin'.
  2. The Beach Gods: Bringers of girls in bikinis, 80 degree weather, and the calming sound of ocean waves. Spike Ball and Kan Jam are staples of the beach God bible. When the Party and Beach Gods team up, well holy hell you're in for the time of your life. If you're lucky, the Beach Gods may bring out "Mike's Secret Stuff."
  3. The Parking Gods: Might be a surprise coming in here at #3 but they came through at the beach many times and even once in Gainesville, Florida. They say real estate is all about location, but I think the same can be said for parking as well.
  4. The Golf Gods: Didn't show up for me, but Vince and Matt for sure will tell you that the Golf Gods were on their side out on the course. Nothing better than getting out on the course and throwing in a hammer while trying to act like you belong in a place you clearly don't. Don't hit your ball out of the woods however, the locals don't like it.
  5. The Chicken Gods: Where would we be without the chicken gods? They provided us with a delectable meal on ladies night when all the men stepped up to cook. I could survive on mustard chicken every day for the rest of my life. I'm not one to brag, but hand me a spatula and some tongs and you better watch out.