1. Skylar Diggins: perfect combination of beauty and athleticism. Fair skin tone puts off a soft look but probably is a freak in the sheets.
  2. Candace Parker: Huge crush on her as a young lad growing up watching her at Tennessee. Married to Shelden Williams which is weird. Still hot but Diggins has dethroned her.
  3. Taylor Lilley: Cuteness factor here is off the charts. We're talking white girl here so athleticism probably is of a Diggins or Parker status but that doesn't mean she doesn't know her way around the bed.
  4. Becky Hammon: Close race between Hammon and Sue Bird here but I'll give the edge to Hammon. Assistant coach for the Spurs which is boss af. Probably gets pipe from one of the white assistant coaches.
  5. Britney Griner: Lesbian. Batshit crazy. Probably into 3-somes