1. Pickles: Easy choice here. $2 daily LITs are a huge winner. Country night every Tuesday speaks for it itself. Female patrons never fail to disappoint. Bouncers chill, even if they still don't recognize me.
  2. Indigo: $1 teas every Thursday night brings in a big crowd. Slutty girls and a bartender that loves Derek Jeter and the Yankees give Indigo a push up to the top 2. Good 10-12 spot and location close to Pickles is ideal.
  3. Lion's Den: Wild atmosphere. Location is closest to home which makes it a good place to swallow your pride and find a bottom feeder to take home. Downside here is a lot of Future will be played but it's a part of the environment that must be embraced. Might see college football coaches/players in the basement.
  4. Skellar: Ample space, good dance floor. Paying cover is annoying but you'll typically forget about throwing up a few bucks to get in after you take advantage of their $5 pitchers. Good mix of flounders and stripers. Possibility to get lucky is intriguing.
  5. Gaff: Small dance floor, DJ that plays the same songs and gay bouncers really hurt the Gaff here. With that said, try not to have a good time when you got a group of your boys pounding $6 liquor pitchers on Thursdays.