Apps and services that have kicked ass this week.
  1. Recommended by @roney, this app basically logged into my Gmail and let me unsubscribe from nearly 200 mailing lists.
  2. Todoist
    When lost my data in some ICloud sync error, I decided to hunt down a worthy replacement. After testing a few similar apps, Todoist won with flying colors.
  3. Pocket
    I used Pocket briefly in the past but more recently decided I needed a way to handle curating articles from Feedly and the Web in a different way from just using tabs that would stay open for days. Glad to have you back in my life, Pocket.
  4. Day One
    One of my daily tasks on Todoist is writing. What better way to write (when I'm not writing stories) than to just journal securely about my every thought. Just think, I could be mind dumping to other poor souls. Instead I just mind vomit all over Day One. :)